Helium (He)

Helium He - The inert gas for your cryogenic, heat transfer, protection, leak detection, analytical and lifting applications. Helium is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable gas, chemically inert. Helium is the second most common gas in nature. However, the atmosphere contains almost no helium. So helium is also a noble gas.

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Technical Parameters

Specification ≥99.999% ≥99.9999%
Carbon Monoxide <1 ppm <0.1 ppm
Carbon Dioxide <1 ppm <0.1 ppm
Nitrogen <1 ppm <0.1 ppm
CH4 <4ppm <0.4 ppm
Oxygen+Argon <1 ppm <0.2 ppm
Water <3 ppm <1ppm
Helium is a rare gas, a very light, colorless and odorless inert gas. It is chemically inactive, and it is difficult to react with other substances under normal conditions. It has stable chemical properties and is dark yellow when performing low-voltage discharge. Helium can be used as a pressurizing agent and supercharger for rocket liquid fuel, and is used in large quantities in missiles, spacecraft and supersonic aircraft; as a shielding gas during smelting and welding, it is used in shipbuilding, aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, and The manufacture of weapons is very important; helium has excellent permeability and is used to cool nuclear reactors, and to detect leaks in rockets and nuclear reactors’ pipelines and electronic and electrical devices; helium has low mass density and weight density, and It is not flammable and can be used to fill light bulbs and neon tubes. It is also an ideal gas for balloons and airships; liquid helium can obtain a low temperature close to absolute temperature (-273°C) and is used to make superconducting equipment; helium is a kind of inert gas, The solubility in the blood is lower than that of nitrogen, so its anesthesia is lower than that of nitrogen. Therefore, helium and oxygen are often mixed as a breathing gas for divers. Helium should be stored upright in a well-ventilated, safe and weather-free place, and the storage temperature should not be higher than 52°C. There should be no flammable materials in the storage area and keep away from frequent entry and exit places and emergency exits, and no salt or other corrosive materials exist. For unused gas cylinders, the valve cap and output valve should be well sealed, and the empty cylinders should be stored separately from the full cylinders. Avoid excessive storage and long storage time, and maintain good storage records.


1.Cryogenic Cooling Use: Helium gas widely used in maglev train and medical Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging equipment.  tgreg thgfh 2.Balloon Use: Inflat for ballon for birthday party or celebration or inflat for airship.  sdhfd kljhk 3.Check Analyse: Helium gas widely used in vaccum leak detection such as helium mass spectrometer leak detector.  tretg htgh 4.Shielding Gas: Helium often used as magnesium, zirconium and aluminium, titanium and other metals welding protective gas.  jy thgfh

Package Size:

Product Helium He
Package Size 40Ltr Cylinder 47Ltr Cylinder 50Ltr Cylinder  ISO Tank
Filling Content/Cyl 6CBM 7CBM 10CBM /
QTY Loaded in 20’Container 400 Cyls 350 Cyls 350 Cyls
Total Volume 2400CBM 2450CBM 3500CBM
Cylinder Tare Weight 50Kgs 52Kgs 55Kg
Valve BS341 /CGA 580  


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